FitLine Skin 4ever

FitLine Skin 4ever

71,39 €

1427,80 € / 1l  


The sumptuous 24-hour facial care for mornings and evenings helps to support the youthfulness of your skin in the medium and long term - for visible anti-aging effects. Day after day, your skin can become smoother and your facial contours can appear remodeled. 
The result of regular use:

- helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines
- supports the firmness and elasticity of the skin
- refines pores
- promotes an even skin tone
- supports an even skin texture
- improves the skin's moisture content for a radiant complexion
- With anti-pollution filter - the protective shield for your skin

- for personal use only (FPO) - not for resale - 



Apply in the morning and evening after cleansing to face, neck and décolleté, and massage in gently. 


I have been using the 4ever for several months and I am really impressed with the results. My skin is refined and my tears bags have reduced significantly. I also have very senstitive skin but this is not a problem with the 4 ever and my skin feels super smooth.

Melanie Matuszak-Röhrig, Germany

4ever is an amazing anti-aging care that refines the complexion making it appear more even. My skin feels more supple and that's noticeable.

Valentina Burlaka, Russia

My skin simply radiates with the 4ever, it looks smooth and supple. It’s amazing how quickly the 4ever is absorbed into the skin and it leaves my skin feeling refreshed throughout the day.

Carina Mortensen, Sweden

The 4ever is rich and pleasantly soft on my skin. I love the smooth and supple feeling that this face care gives me. I feel refreshed and relaxed and my complexion has visibly improved.

Anke Nowak, Germany

I’m absolutely thrilled by the new formulation of 4ever: My skin feels smoother and has been remodelled. It has become noticeably tauter and firmer and the greatest thing of all is that my small wrinkles and lines are visibly reduced. I have recommended the 4ever to my friends for years and all I can say is: 4ever forever, I never want to miss out on this care ever again!

Mari Wiklund, Finland

The new 4ever Cream is a dream indulgence for the skin. A tenderly melting cream that is immediately absorbed by the skin and leaves behind an incredibly rich, satisfying, and silky feeling on the skin - simply the best.”

Brygida von Steffelin,  from Lichtenau

I have naturally dry skin, but it also has occasional tendencies to impurities. With BeautyLine 4ever, I found a product that optimally supplies my skin and reduces wrinkles at the same time and it also goes a long way. 4ever has convinced me completely!”

Corinne Niediek, Manager from Detmold