Activize Oxyplus can

Activize Oxyplus can

31,90 €

18,22 € / 100g   1,06 € a portion


FitLine Activize Oxyplus delivers the ingredients that contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism in our bodies. Ideal in the morning.
  • NTC supports optimum nutrient intake
  • rich in vitamin B6 and vitamin C - contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism
  • with vitamin B2 (riboflavin) and niacin - contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue


I had previously been difficulty concentrating and since then I use Activize I realize that I am fitter and much concentrated.

-Sinan Gencgün, Germany

FitLine Activize IS one of my favorites! It tastes great and you have an immediate effect. You are right fitter, powerful and concentrated!

-Ina Schmidt, Germany

I started using FitLine Activize and I have more energy and now have the possibility to do everything I WANT TO DO! I’m self-employed and have had lectures and presentations for 20.000 people, with 2-3 lectures a week. Before every presentation I take a glass of Activize. It gives me that extra kick and concentration. I feel my thoughts coming easier to my mind and everything feels tidier in my busy head.


“I just love the Fitline Activize! Nothing gives a boost of instant energy with a great taste like Activize. I love to start my day with full power, energy & concentration and I carry Activize with me at all times.”

-Dipti Sharma, India

“I started using FitLine Activize based on my friend’s recommendation and I must say that it is really effective as I feel more energetic and less tired throughout the day. Now I never miss my daily dose of energy, power and concentration.”

-Siddharth, India

I work as a logistician alternating between 3 shifts.Until not long ago I had absolutely no more energy and was constantly tired. That changed with FitLine Activize Oxyplus. My result: much more energy and power.”

-Christian Anzinger, Mamming, Germany