FitLine Optimal-Set portion bags

FitLine Optimal-Set portion bags

123,09 €

4,10 € a portion


We have developed a concept in the Nutrient Transport Concept that aims at the best possible bioavailablity of the nutrients in a corresponding product. That brings the nutrients into our cells.

The FitLine Optimal-Set also delivers the nutrients through the modular product concept when a body needs them (morning and evening)…

Supplement your usual diet on a morning with FitLine PowerCocktail and on an evening with FitLine Restorate. The products are child's place to prepare and their preparation will become a good habit within a matter of days.



I am really impressed with the products. I have experienced a profound shift in my energy levels and regeneration I feel energized and yet calm. I have a good regeneration and wake early and refreshed each morning.

Scott Lucy, United Kingdom

Optimal Set has changed me completely! Not only physically … I rediscovered my good mood. Right from the beginning my body found the comfort I didn’t feel for a long time. I became less swollen up, my skin got prettier it found the right shine. My hair started growing more robust and my nails didn’t snap anymore. The tiredness has turned to energy … finally I rediscovered my smile, I finally rediscovered myself! Thank You!

Patrizia Chiari, Italy

I started with FitLine Optimal-Set and I couldn't believe what it was coming up with. I am much more energetic, I do not need naps anymore. Before using Fitline, the muscles were sore for a long time and were cramps and veins often. I love these products that make me feel more balanced and more vibrant! My stomach is also working normally now and my skin has experienced a significant change! Now, I have used these already for 8 years and I recommend them to everyone!

Iina Fiskaali, Finland

As an adult student there is a lot of studying and a lot of pressure to perform. I was exhausted and fell asleep during classes. I studied so much, but no matter how much I prepared, I was still uncertain when the exams came; everything felt blurry in my mind. I was introduced to FitLine and started with the Optimal set, and it changed everything. I started remembering better, I had better focus and concentration and better regeneration. All my grades went up, and the fog that blurred my mind disappeared. I got lots of surplus energy and I started enjoying life again! I’m grateful that I was introduced to FitLine. I talk about FitLine to everyone I know that wants more energy and regeneration!


With the Optimal-Set I have a better concentration, my skin and my nails are more beautiful ! It’s a real combination of well-being and beauty !"

Sabrina Zorzi, Italy


The ingredients you can find with the single products of the Set.