FitLine ProShape® (Amino)

FitLine ProShape® (Amino)

58,19 €


FitLine ProShape Amino contains a mix of essential amino acids specially designed for athletes. For your maintenance1 and growth1 of muscle mass.

 1 Protein (amino-acid) contributes to the maintenance of muscle mass and contributes to a growth in muscle mass.

- for personal use only (FPO) - not for resale - 

114.7 g e 180 capsules à 0.64 g


RECOMMENDATION: Take 6 capsules per day along with plenty of liquid.


I have a stressful work and intense sport activity that tired me. Thanks to Activize and ProShape Amino 3 weeks after taking these products and I came back active, swimming 4/5 km a week and I managed to do a 35 km trail. THANK YOU FITLINE !!!

Andrea Nozza, Italy

FitLine ProShape Amino is my absolute favorite product. The aminos define my body and firm the skin, since I take it my skin picture has become great!

Isabell Diringer-Strohmeier, Germany

The best aminos on the market! Perfect for maintaining and building healthy muscle mass, support the connective tissue and provide important messengers for the nervous system. FitLine ProShape Amino is my daily companion.

Katarzyna Pietrzak, Germany