FitLine ProShape All-in-1 Chocolat

FitLine ProShape All-in-1 Chocolat

39,49 €

3,95 € a portion


With the new vegan and lactose-free formula, which fits different nutrition habits, FitLine ProsShape All-in-1 is the ideal meal replacement while you get in shape.*

Try out the new rich, creamy and vegan formula, revealing an intense and strong chocolate aroma. An exclusive chocolate taste for your ultimate pleasure. 
Made from high-quality ingredients, plant-based proteins, natural extracts from green mate, nettle, vitamins and minerals. Natural aroma with sweeteners from plant-based sources and without preservatives.

*Substituting two of the main daily meals of an energy-restricted diet with meal replacements contributes to weight loss. 

- for personal use only (FPO) - not for resale -

420 g e equals 13 portions each with 32,3 g powder


PREPARATION: Prepare around 3 level measuring spoons (32.3 g) of powder in 300 ml of unsweetened soya beverage or other plant-based beverage***, with a shaker or mixer. 
RECOMMENDATION: Replace 1-2 meals a day, each by 1 shake. 
1 shake = 1 meal.                                                                

*** calculated with unsweetened soya beverage