FitLine® PowerCocktail (Sachet)

FitLine® PowerCocktail (Sachet)

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Enjoy all benefits of our PowerCocktail:

The best extracts from high-quality berries, fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices which combine a mix of polyphenols and vitamins¹ for a 2-in-1-solution that contributes to the required energy² and concentration³ supply and simultaneously contributes to the normal function of the immune system¹!
Contains soluble and insoluble fibres from fruits, vegetables and grains as well as live actic acid bacteria (L. reuteri, L. acidophilus)
Unique combination of biactive micro nutrients like vitamins⁴ and minerals.

¹rich in vitamin C - contibutes to the maintenance of normal function of the immune system.
²rich in vitamin B6 - contibutes to a normal metabolism function
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) and B3 (Niacin) help to reduce tiredness and fatigue.
³Vitamin B6 (pyrodoxin), vitamin B12 (cobalamin) and vitamin C contribute to a normal physical function.
⁴Vitamin C supports the increased intake of iron and helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue.


  • 二合一的组合提供您营养补给、使精力旺盛,有助于维持能量的正常代谢
  • 速力活随身包,一日营养所需,随身带着走
  • 由高品质的野莓、水果、蔬菜、草本及香料所萃取出来的多种维生素及多酚
  • 独特的生物活性微量营养素的组合,如多种维生素及微量元素以及使姜黄素的生物利用率提高至40倍
  • 含水果、蔬菜和谷物中的可溶性和不可溶性纤维,以及活乳酸菌(罗伊氏乳杆菌、嗜酸乳杆菌)
  • 维生素A-有助于维持在暗处的视觉。增进皮肤与黏膜的健康。帮助牙齿和骨骼的发育与生长 维生素C-有助于维持细胞排列的紧密性。增进体内结缔组织。促进铁吸收。具抗氧化作用
  • 维生素E-减少不饱和脂肪酸的氧化。有助于维持细胞膜的完整性。增进皮肤与血球的健康。具抗氧化作用。有助于减少自由基的产生



PREPARATION: Dissolve the contents of the sachet (15g) in 180ml of water. DAILY RECOMMENDATION: One serving (1 sachet) per day.  



Last year, like many in my age group in their mid 50s, I lacked energy. The FitLine products produced quick results for me. As far as my energy is concerned, I now feel like I did 15 years ago. I always have FitLine PowerCocktail with me.

Dr. Wolfgang S.

I do sport regularly – FitLine is optimum provision and keeps me fit PowerCocktail is my start to the day. It’s child’s play to prepare and highly enjoyable.”

Gudrun R