FitLine® Joint Health (Gelenk Fit)

FitLine® Joint Health (Gelenk Fit)

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Being active is essential to living your life to the fullest.

The formula of Fitline Joint Health has been upgraded to support your joints* and continue to enjoy moving.

The Fitline Joint Health is now made with delicious lemon flavour so you can enjoy it alone with water.

*with Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of cartilage and bones.


Fitline Joint Health 的配方已升级,可支持您的关节*并继续享受运动的乐趣。

Fitline Joint Health 现在采用美味的柠檬味制成,因此您可以单独饮用。

*含维生素 C 有助于正常的胶原蛋白形成,从而维持软骨和骨骼的正常功能。



Dissolve one portion of 3g powder (approx 1 tsp) in 100ml water.

Daily recommendation: 1 portion a day


Since I started taking FitLine Joint Health (Gelenk.Fit) I can do sport regularly. I am overjoyed and will personally never do without it again.” I am really happy, am able to combine horse riding and my daily yoga practice with no trouble. I can only recommend it, our Joint Health (Gelenk-Fit).”

Rita P.

It was my good fortune that I was able to use FitLine Joint Health (Gelenk-Fit). The result was that I feel more supple while running. I am absolutely thrilled. It has restored my quality of life.”

Daniela A.