FitLine® Optimal Set 1B (PowerCocktail, Restorate Exotic)

FitLineĀ® Optimal Set 1B (PowerCocktail, Restorate Exotic)


Do you wish to be fit and efficient every day into old age? In order for your body to do this, it needs certain nutrients. Our FitLine Optimal set (consisting of FitLine PowerCocktail + FitLine Restorate Exotic sachet) offers you the ideal FitLine basic supply.

The Exclusive Nutrient Transport Concept (NTC®) brings the nutrients when they are needed to where they are needed - at the cell level from the inside and outside.

Supplement your usual diet with FitLine PowerCocktail in the morning and FitLine Restorate in the evening. The products are very easy to prepare and the preparation will become a good habit in a few days.



PowerCocktail: Dissolve 1 sachet (15g) in 200ml of still water.

Restorate: One serving (6.7g) per day in 250ml of water with constant stirring completely dissolve. Always drink immediately after stirring in small sips. Ideally in the evening.


The ingredients can be found in the respective individual products of the set.