FitLine® Optimal Set 2A (Basic, Activize, Restorate Citrus)

FitLineĀ® Optimal Set 2A (Basic, Activize, Restorate Citrus)


You want to stay fit and productive every day into old age? Your body needs special nutrients to perform.
The FitLine Optimal-Set (containing Basics + Restorate Citrus-PB+ Activize Oxyplus) provides you with an ideal FitLine basic supply.

The Nutrient Transport Concept (NTC®) delivers the nutrients exactly when they are needed and where they are needed – to the cellular level, from inside and out.

Complement your daily morning intake with FitLine Basics + FitLine Activize and your evening intake with FitLine Restorate. The products are easily prepared and the preparation can be easily implemented in the daily routine.



FitLine Basics: Dissolve the contents of the bag (15g) in 200ml of still water.

FitLine Activize: Dissolve one measuring spoon (1.67g) in 40ml of still water 3 times a day.

FitLine Restorate: One serving per day. Dissolve approximately 1 teaspoon (6.7g) in 250ml of still water once a day, stirring constantly. Always drink in small sips immediately after stirring. Ideally in the evening.