FitLine® Vitality Set (Basic, Activize, Restorate Citrus, Om3, Q10)

FitLineĀ® Vitality Set (Basic, Activize, Restorate Citrus, Om3, Q10)


Do you wish to be fit and efficient every day? But our body needs certain nutrients for that. Our Vitality-Set offers the ideal FitLine basic care for everyone over 35 years old.


The high-quality FitLine Optimal Set has a unique nutrient transport concept (NTC®). NTC always brings the nutrients exactly where they are needed - exactly where they are needed - at the cellular level!


From the age of 35, but also under heavy stress, some metabolic processes in the body are reduced. With the FitLine Optimal-Set and the ideal combination of Q10 and Omega 3+E for the brain and heart function, you are well looked after. For a fit cardiovascular system.


Complement your usual diet in the morning with FitLine Basics & Activize and in the evening with FitLine Restorate and the FitLine Q10 and Omega 3+E. The products are child's play to prepare and the preparation will become a good habit in a few days.



Basics: Dissolve one sachet (15g) in 200ml of water.


Activize: Dissolve one scoop (1.67g) 3 times a day in 40ml of water.


Restorate: One sachet (6.7 g) per day in 250ml of water with constant stirring till completely dissolve. Always drink immediately after stirring in small sips. Ideally in the evening.


Omega 3 + E: Dissolve 35 drops (1.67ml) 1 to 2 times a day in cold drink.


Q10 Plus: Dissolve 18 drops (1ml) 1 to 2 times a day in cold drink.



The ingredients can be found in the respective individual products of the set