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Assemble your Autoship here from all the products.

FitLine Hair+ Phase 2

FitLine Beauty

FitLine D-Drink

$39.79 / 100g

FitLine IB 5

FitLine Generation 50+

Optimal Set

Optimal Set Extra

Optimal Set Extra with PowerCocktail

Optimal Set with PowerCocktail

Activize Oxyplus

$22.70 / 100g

$1.31 per drink

1x Restorate + 1x Activize Oxyplus

$2.11 per drink


$12.16 / 100g


$6.50 / 100g


$16.81 / 100g

PowerCocktail Jr

Herbaslim Tea

$13.71 / 100g

ProShape All-in-1 Vanilla

$9.28 / 100g

Proshape All-in-1 Vegan Chocolate

$9.28 / 100g

ProShape® Amino

$56.95 / 100g


$11.33 / 100g

FitLine Med Cell Lotion

$27.20 / 100ml

Heart Duo

$158.00 / 100ml


Omega 3+E

$81.00 / 100ml

Q10 Plus

$166.66 / 100ml

Vegan Omega 3

FitLine Hair+

FitLine med Hair+

FitLine Hair+ Phase 1

FitLine skin 4ever

$142.00 / 100ml

Ultimate Young

$823.33 / 100ml

$1.23 per use

Cleansing Lotion

$15.00 / 100ml

FitLine skin Hydrating Shot-Mask

Young Care Cleansing Foam

Young Care Balancing Cream

Young Care Peeling Mask

Young Care Set


$15.00 / 100ml